Photo: Anders Roos

Photo: Anders Roos

Anna Louise Ekman 

Sångerska & songwriter från Skåne 

Ny digital EP release 

våren 2022


skånskt, italienskt & ballader

Soulful folkpop

meets jazz-infused latin vibes

and exquisite balladry!

"Over the last few years, Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Louise has spent most of her time producing solo concerts and studio recordings, amid travels to Italy to explore new facets of her musicality.

This beautiful debut recording is a lush production where soulful folkpop meets jazz-infused latin vibes and exquisite balladry, showcasing Anna Louise's immense vocal ability and register, as well as her command of many languages, including a Swedish song performed in her own original dialect.

Helped by a team of top-notch musicians, she presents her own compositions alongside some gems from the vault of pop music history, some of them graced by her own lyrics.

Acquaint yourself with the creative force that is Anna Louise."

(Daniel Lantz, Do Music Records 2016) 

Livetagningar från Malmö sjömanskapell juni 2020