Songs From The Vault

Songs From The Vault is a new recording project with interpretations from the vault of pop music history and original music. Performed in unique buildings with great acoustics. 

"True Colors" was recorded in Malmö sjömanskapell, a Sailor Chapel, in June 2020.

Songs From The Vault had its first concert 24 october 2020 at Industrial World Heritage Grimeton, Sweden. With a small audience in the building, the concert also had 500 live stream followers from the world, with greetings from Italy, New York, England, Scotland, Chile and Australia:

"On UN Day, October 24th, 2020 the old Alexanderson alternator was again delivering a message to the world. After the transmission, Anna Louise Ekman performed a wonderful concert in the transmitter hall with songs in Swedish and Italian. She was accompanied by her pianist Oscar Johansson and her sister, violinist Åsa Grimberg. 

This years’s message was composed by Anders Tegnell, Chief Epidemiologist Public
Health Agency of Sweden:

The global COVID-19 pandemic challenges people and nations to unite to minimize the negative consequences for individuals and societies, and to uphold the advancements in public health made in recent decades. Good health and wellbeing is a prerequisite for a peaceful and sustainable global development, and health equity can not be achieved without peace and human security."